1. Blindfold

From the recording Blindfold

This song is our plea to just turn off the news media and research for yourself. Ignore the headlines, ignore the lies and misdirection. Find the truth yourself. We can no longer trust the mainstream media to accurately inform us.



The beginning of never, the truth cannot breathe
From the mountains of nevermore, from sea to forgotten sea

Deny, misdirect, the truth is not seen
Turn off the noise so you can be free

The world wears a blindfold now but we think we can see
The world wears a blindfold and it’s made for you and me

A big movie picture with nothing to see
Just feeding the narrative where deafness is king

We watch and know nothing and think they are free
Our eyes are wide open but we’ll never see

It’s time to take their power away
Don’t let them write our history
With their version of “the truth” they will divide and rule us all
Enslaved we blindly live their lie, wake up now, just turn it off!

The world wears a blindfold child but we think we can see
Let’s take off our blindfold now, so we can be free
And open up our eyes child, to finally see
The world wears a blindfold now
And you’d best believe, that ignorance is king and it’s killing liberty